As an Englishman writing from the land of penalty shootout defeats, bland food and Brexit, watching Donald Trump’s presidency has been… interesting.

It’s fair to say that we’ve got more than our fair share of issues over here in the UK at the moment, with the country split over Brexit, a prime minister who appears totally incapable of doing her job and a general malaise over the state of the nation as a whole.

But a glance across the pond suggests we’re not alone, with the Trump presidency delivering the sort of headlines even the showrunners of Veep would have considered over the top.


When there’s a big talking point, you can bet the oddsmakers are taking an interest, and it’s certainly no different here.

Vegas bookies Bovada have released a host of U.S. Politics specials for those looking to profit from the chaos in the White House.

President Trump is odds-on to be turfed out of the White House in his first term, with Bovada offering -120 on an impeachment, -150 on Trump failing to complete a full term as POTUS and -110 on Trump resigning his presidency in the first term.

But despite the bookmakers’ apparent lack of confidence in Trump’s staying power in the White House, it seems they’re much more confident in his ability to stick around on Twitter.

In answer to the question, "Will Twitter suspend @realdonaldtrump at any point in 2017?’" they have "No" as a -900 shot, with "Yes" a +500 bet.

And the bookies have also thrown forward to the 2020 election, where they have the Democrats the -150 favorites to win, with the Republicans a +120 shot.

Political punting is always an interesting aside to the usual sporting fare. And with Trump seemingly finding new and increasingly incredible ways to undermine his own credentials to govern (or cement his position as the rightful leader of the free world, depending on your view), you can bet these markets will do a ton of business as the months progress.

Whichever side of the house you side with there’s money to be made, provided you can leave your political preferences at the door, of course.


US Politics Specials

Odds from Bovada

Donald Trump Exit Date
+275: 2017
+250: 2018
+550: 2019
Evens: 2020 or later

Will Donald Trump be convicted by the Senate in his first term?
+350: Yes

Will Donald Trump be impeached by the House in his first term?
-120: Yes

Will Donald Trump complete a full term as POTUS?
+120: Yes
-150: No

Will Donald Trump resign the Presidency in his first term?
-110: Yes

Will the 25th Amendment (Section 4) be invoked in Trump’s first term?
+240: Yes

Will Anthony Scaramucci’s record for the shortest tenure as White House communications director be broken before 2020?
+1000: Yes
-2500: No

Will Donald Trump Jr appear for Public Testimony before US Congress in 2017?
+120: Yes
-150: No

Will Ivanka Trump appear for Public Testimony before US Congress in 2017?
+600: Yes
-1000: No

Will John Kelly be Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff on January 1st, 2018?
-170: Yes
+140: No

Will Jeff Sessions be the Attorney General on January 1, 2018?
-160: Yes
+120: No

Will Twitter suspend @realdonaldtrump at any point in 2017?
+500: Yes
-900: No

US Presidential Election 2020: Winning Party
-150: Democratic Party
+120: Republican Party

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